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HordeBoss Main Characters

Dive into the small stories of main characters for HordeBoss universe


This Orc demonstrated sufficient readiness for battle, he is one of the carriers of the ruthless spirit of the Horde .
Equip with his mighty axe and battle tested armor , he is always ready to fight to the death .
The Orc shows unyielding devotion to the Horde as a whole and their clans in particular , he craves nothing except battle, the bloody bodies of his enemies under his boots and total victory!80


A cult of master archers who can hit the eye of a sparrow from a 1000 yards make them the perfect silent assassin and spies .
This training makes them more direct and deadly than their brothers , and that is why his enemies fear him so.
This soldier had never before had turmoil with the dark warriors , but when they threaten to destroy his territory ,
there is no time for inveterate prejudices. If you use the yoke of the mind , it can change the course of the war


Karzul the warrior of darkness was spawned by the souls of murdered Warlock chief, Magi.
The Magi was defeated in the epic battle with the Orcs. It was the Magi’s soul energy that gives Karzul
his magical powers and grants him a wide arsenal of necromantic spells which can only mean the certain death of his enemies


Team Behind the Horde

Here are main contributors to HordeBoss Universe

Founder of the Horde


Developer of the World

Armored Warrior

The main artist of the world

Gifted Hunter

Artist of the world

Supreme Mage



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